We just want to take a moment and explain our tuition payment and attendance policy.  Membership at Energise Community Active Ltd is secured by the payment of a monthly direct debit. We expect to receive payment from all of our students on the 1st of each month via bank transfer unless other arrangements have been agreed by both parties.

We are not a “Pay As You Go” organisation and subsequently we will expect to receive our monthly tuition fee even if you are on holiday.

There are no contracts so your membership arrangements can be amended at any time at your request by our administrator, for reasons such as programme level change, bank detail changes or date of payment changes.

Tuition Fees and Operating Hours at Energise Community Active Ltd are calculated over 48 weeks a year. We do not charge extra for five-week months as at Christmas time the studio is closed for our annual holiday and two additional weeks at the discretion of the Management.

Members are welcome to make up any missed sessions within 1 month – this offer is not only for club closure dates such as this but also extends to any sessions missed due to reasons such as closure for emergency renovations, severe weather conditions, or due to members missing sessions for illness or holidays on any of the other 48 weeks.

Members may attend various timetabled sessions without booking in advance, as long as there is space in that group. If at any time sessions or class types become full, we will then ask members to commit to set sessions until spaces become available. Regular attendance is necessary in order to be considered for grading selection.

Energise Community Active Ltd are committed to offering world class service at reasonable and competitive prices. However, should it become necessary to amend membership structures and/or tuition prices, we will inform you in writing, giving you reasonable notice.


Membership suspension at Energise Community Active Ltd is only permitted for up to 1 month for medical reasons and requests for membership payment suspensions must be accompanied with a medical note or other evidence. Any members who cancel their direct debit without first notifying our administrator will be required to pay an administration and re-joining fee in order to continue with their martial arts journey here at energise Community Active Ltd. By cancelling payments, members are effectively cancelling their membership.

We are a vibrant community-based organisation here at Energise Community Active Ltd and places are in high demand and very sought after. By continuing payment throughout any short-term absences, you are securing a place here at Energise Community Active Ltd. Members are more than welcome to make up any missed sessions by attending additional classes when they are available to take full advantage of their subscription.

Energise Community Active reserve the right to cancel memberships at any time. Members who pay but do not attend for 3 months and have not been in contact with the club may have their membership suspended and payments cancelled. No refunds will be authorised as payments made have been securing a place here at Energise Community Active Ltd. Again, there will be an administration and re-joining fee should they wish to restart their martial arts journey here at Energise Community Active Ltd, assuming there is a place available in their chosen programme.

Please note for insurance purposes we need to be fully aware of the number of students we have training, so it is very important that you advise Energise Community Active if you decide to suspend or cancel your tuition subscription.

If a student stops coming to Energise Community Active Ltd permanently then of course we do not expect to receive payment. So, you are not tied into a contract, just a fair tuition payment plan. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you should do so in writing to info at totaldojo.com We require 30 days notice prior to the date of cancellation.  Note: that no refunds can be made for any missed classes prior to the date of cancellation.

If you have any concerns about or would like to make any amendments to a subscription, then please do speak to a member of our team before making any alterations with your own bank, as this can cause issues with future payments and may result in the accidental cancellation of membership.

Shop Purchases

We aim to have any shop purchase available for collection t your next session. Where this is not possible please allow 30 days.

Returns Policy

Your right to Cancel (Non-business customers only).

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product(s) you have bought from us, please contact us straight away. In any case, this must be within 14 days of receipt.

Please also enclose a letter explaining why you wish to return the product(s) and we will refund you in full within 28 days of the receipt of your returned order.

However, please note that unless faulty, items that have been personalised cannot be returned for refund or credit.

For all returns, except where the item is faulty, you will be required to arrange and pay for the return of the products to us. For faulty items please contact a member of the team at our Brunel Centre Headquarters, Bletchley, MK2 2HE.

To return any products to us, please:

  1. Make sure to tell us whether you want an Exchange or Refund.
  2. Return the item to 28 Brunel Centre, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK2 2HE