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Four Tips For Troubled Times

With it looking more and more likely that we will be going into lockdown any day soon it is important that we are mentally prepared to deal with being in isolation.

First and foremost it is important to create a daily routine. Hanging around in your PJ’s all day is not
going to help and you will want to create a sense of normality and productivity in your day.

Yesterday on a Facebook live I spoke about the importance of people working from home not sitting in bed with their laptops. It is important that your brain associates your bedroom as a place of rest and not work. This can for some people make it more difficult to switch off at night. This goes for other activities throughout your day too. Change your environment for different activities as much as possible.

Again, something I have spoke about on several of the Total Dojo Facebook lives now is the foundation habits for taking care of your body.

1. Eat as healthily as possible

Your gut biome is the key to your immune system so eat to support your immune system. Avoid alcohol, smoking and junk food as these will only lower your immune system. (Not saying I won’t be having a glass of wine now and again but I mean in excess)!

2. Sleep

Is paramount in your daily routine and going to bed at the same time and getting up at the same time are habits you will want to put in place.

3. Exercise

Again it’s so important to keep up with your exercise. Research studies have shown that daily exercise can help boost your immune system and also help keep your mental health in check. Stretching and mobility training both count too so adding these to your daily routine can be wonderful to counteract the fact that many people will be sitting down for many more hours a day.

4. Stress

If there was ever a time when learning to manage your stress was important now is the time. Exercise as I mentioned above is great for tackling stress but so are practicing meditation, mindfulness, breathing techniques and even playing an instrument or listening to music. If any of you are feeling overwhelmed then please just send me a message and we can arrange a Zoom/Skype call

In addition to the above, as this goes on, it will be important that we look out for each other. Find ways to support those who need help. Collecting supplies, offering help or even just talking to someone over the phone could be more important that you realise.

It’s time for us all to put aside any differences and stand together as one community!